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This blockchain has strong anonymity features that make it impossible for us to show full staking statistics.




ALIAS is an innovative privacy-focused cryptocurrency, featuring two energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithms, anonymous staking rewards, rapid transactions, ring signatures, and stealth addresses for privacy and anonymity, and a fully integrated Tor + OBFS4 layer for IP obfuscation.ALIAS is actively developed, with an ambitious roadmap that prioritizes privacy, security, and true decentralization along with a low-power mobile wallet with stealth staking in our upcoming Android wallet.The project is built by a professional team and around open participation of its community members. Development is funded through an innovative staking-reward donation system and voluntary direct funding.


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This is an average value based on the balance and number of stakes of the 5 best staking addresses over the last 4 days. The values can fluctuate due to balance movements, and future network conditions cannot be considered.


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