Beetle Coin (BEET)





BEETLE COIN is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency which provides instant and low fees transactions all around the world through the Beetlecoin network.
Anyone can participate in the operation of Beetle network by staking the coins.
On average Beetle coin block network requires 1 minute to generate a new block, and all transactions are carried out over the internet, unlike fiat money transactions which require intermediary financial institutions or banks.


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Masternode statistics

Coins locked in all tiers: 70,470,000 (22.51%)


Masternode statistics are based on the block rewards of the past 24 hours.



Staking return for BEET

This is an average value based on the balance and number of stakes of the 5 best staking addresses over the last 4 days. The values can fluctuate due to balance movements, and future network conditions cannot be considered.


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