EVOlution-of-Services (EVOS) is a cryptocurrency and a investment service platform.

EVOS will bring simplicity to your masternode investments.
From buying and starting masternodes, to selling rewards for BTC or fiat currency, to sending those profits to your credit card, all of this will be accomplished within an all-in-one platform.
EVOS will make the masternode experience easier to manage and investors will benefit from consistent passive income.
By building a multifaceted platform where all services will be available, all users will be able to navigate the conundrum that is masternodes quickly and with ease.
No longer will advance technical knowledge be needed to successful manage masternode investments and projects.

The Hardest Problem in Masternode Cryptocurrency Investments

Too Many Platforms and Fees
Decentralization is the best attribute of cryptocurrency. However, the downfall is that sometimes investors have to travel to multiple platforms to complete transactions.

By creating a hub of services for cryptocurrency, EVOS will allow investors to handle almost all of their cryptocurrency needs within their easy-to-use interface. Instead of traveling to multiple exchanges and websites, investors will be able to do all
- buy masternode
- start, host and manage masternode
- sell their rewards within the platform for BTC and fiat currency via fiat payment gateway integration.

No longer will investors waste their time and money waiting for confirmations and paying unnecessary fees. The entire process, buying a masternode with a couple clicks of the mouse, setting up a masternode with a couple clicks of the mouse, selling rewards for BTC with a couple clicks of the mouse, sending money to your credit card to buy your husband or wife a gift, can be accomplished within the EVOS platform.


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