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Receiving DOGE to hold a FunctionCoin masternode...

The main use case of FunctionCoin is being a EuroMillions syndicate...

EuroMillions is the official European lottery with a minimal jackpot from 17,000,000 Euro and goes up to above 200,000,000 Euro.
The team plays with every draw from generated funds and all winnings above 100 Euro are distributed amongst the masternode and even shared masternode holders in DOGE for small winnings and BTC for large winnings.

When a super draw occurs or higher jackpots due to roll overs (no jackpot winnings at EuroMillions over some time) we organize a guaranteed payout, this means that we play with a large amount of tickets for 1 draw and payout even if the winnings would be under 100 Euro.
For example, the last guaranteed payout gave every registered masternode a 1092 DOGE payout...

Why would you trust the team?
Good question... in first instance, it is stated that we are a syndicate, so this gives you the legal right for a share in the potential profits.
The combinations we play with are posted in Discord, so you have the official tickets pictures. When you would provide a screenshot from that you have the legal base to take steps to collect your share.
On the other hand, the team is known in crypto and has other projects at hand as well, so we do not want to risk our name!
Some people bought FUNC through OTC and paid by PayPal, this means that they know our identity so it cannot be safer than that!

Bottom line of this all... FUNC could be the best masternode you ever invested in, you can make ROI by selling rewards, but in addition you could potentially become a millionaire in best case or receive some DOGE or BTC in between and make ROI even when you HODL and build up your amount of nodes! The more nodes someone has the higher every payout is, simple and clear!

Some interesting statistics about FUNC:

Current masternode price: 0.0755 BTC
Current potential jackpot share: 30.48 BTC
Locked coins: about 65% off total supply

The amount of locked coins is huge and means that a big rise in the price can happen easily... when we compare it to a well-known masternode coin like PIVX... 25% locked in masternodes for PIVX and 65% locked in masternodes for FUNC... do you feel the difference in available supply...

Now this being explained, and all being said it is up to you... Join our Discord, ask around and decide for yourself if you would like to have a chance to increase your BTC and DOGE holdings!


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