Metrix (MRX)





Utility and decentralized payments
Metrix is a digital currency that focuses on bringing ease-of-use to the forefront of the Digital Asset age - We build products that focus on utility, as well as making it easy for the Vendor to be able to accept payments, no matter what business they run.

Dedicated Applications
One of Metrix`s core foundations is building applications that are made specifically with the use of Metrix in mind. We have created multiple applications that focus on Metrix`s key features, and we actively encourage and assist new developers entering the space to create real useable applications powered by Metrix.

Engaging Community
One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Metrix is our dedication toward building an active, informed and engaged community. We have involvement from community members through all steps of our process, from utilizing community ambassadors for local outreach to operating community voting for upcoming changes, products and projects -- Being an active member of the Metrix community pays.


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Masternode statistics are based on the block rewards of the past 24 hours.



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This is an average value based on the balance and number of stakes of the 5 best staking addresses over the last 4 days. The values can fluctuate due to balance movements, and future network conditions cannot be considered.


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